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Each year Emporia State University awards millions of dollars in financial aid to help students pursue their education. Anyone can browse our library of scholarships available, but only current students and future Hornets who have completed the Undergraduate Application for Admission or the Graduate Application for Admission can log in to the scholarship portal. If you haven't applied yet, it takes fewer than ten minutes and once your application is complete, you will receive login information and be able to access the scholarship portal within 24 hours (or 3-5 days for International Students).

The search functions below will allow you to learn more about the many scholarships that may be available to you. Please note that these category filters are inclusive rather than exclusive; that is, the more categories you select the more scholarships you will see, and each scholarship listed will not necessarily meet all the selected categories. For questions about finding scholarships or using the portal, contact us at or 620-341-5457.

It is not possible to apply for a specific scholarship from this search page. Instead, students and prospective students must log in to the scholarship portal and complete the ESU General Scholarship Application. Completing this application every year is the first step on your journey to appear on the applicant list for every available scholarship that matches your qualifications. Ready to get started? Click the "Apply Now" button below!

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